My writing prompts

Welcome to "my" corner of the web, where I practice writing and thinking.

Hi. What are you doing? Can I help?

How one question changed my whole life

How I protect myself online

Steps I take to protect myself online from tracking, scams, ads and other harmful content

Should you always care about your website size?

Sometimes 1 KB savings in size is worth a lot. Sometimes it's not. Learn when you should spend time on that 1 KB.

If you can't inline your CSS... what can you do?

If your CSS is too big, or the process would be too cumbersome to implement in your setup, here's what else you can do.

Streams are the most underrated feature in Node.js

And probably in other programming languages too. If only you can find use for them.

Webpagetest is the best thing in web performance

There are some hidden gems in Webpagetest that are amazingly good and free.

I don't like redesigns, especially by AWS

Why I usually stick with old UIs as long as possible.

Self-host your Google fonts efficiently

Quick guide on how to download, optimize and use Google fonts in a performant way.